There is a season (Turn, Turn, Turn)

I just recently celebrated my 20th wedding anniversary, and as part of the celebration my wife and I took a private wood turning class together (neither of us having ever turned anything before).

I was able to set this up at McLaughlin Woods, where I had recently taken a joinery class.  We had a load of fun and a lathe may well be in my shops future.

Mrs. NickedFinger at work at the lathe

We ended up the day each making two turnings, one dry and other from a green cherry burl.

My Wife's Bowl from a dry blank.

My Wife's "Green Wood" Live Edge Cherry Burl Bowl

My Bowl from a dry blank

My Bowl from a dry blank

My hollow form turning from the Green Cherry Burl

I decided in mid-turn that I wanted to try to do some hollow turning and didn’t make a bowl per se but more of a vase shaped thingy that we might put a t-light candle in or something like that.

All in all it was load of fun!


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