So much cutting, I got … board.

We finally got the new, permanent counter tops installed on the bank of cabinets in the kitchen.

Counter Tops

Quartz Counter Tops

My wife loves the counters, but Quarts can be a really killer on your knives, so I decided to take a lesson from The Wood Whisperer and make a pretty end grain cutting board.  I didn’t document the whole process, however I did have a little bit of trouble with my board(s) cupping after the initial glue up, so I was unable to turn the pieces after the second round of cuts to expose the end grain.  All in all it turned out pretty nice anyway.

Here is the board before any finish was applied:

Naked Cutting Board

Naked Cutting Board

Being one to follow instructions I wanted to be sure I found a food-safe finish to apply to the board, so I went to the big blue store and searched and searched and finally struck gold:


WATCO to the Rescue

Three coats later, and the new board is ready for duty, and the LOML is happy, happy.


Finished Board

Finished (in more ways than one) Board


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