Raised Panel Drawer Fronts

FINALLY, I’m starting to work on the next stage of the built in project.  Spent several hours in the shop Sunday (no football for me) making up panels for the drawer fronts and cutting them down to final size.

All the drawers are 25 5/8″ wide, the top row is 8″ tall, middle row 11 1/8″, and bottom row 15 5/8″.  4 Drawer per row.  They are going to get attached here:

So I took all the blanks, and cut a 1/16 groove 2″ in from all 4 sides on the front.  Then I set the table saw to a 7 degree tilt and “raised” the front of each drawer:

All in all, so far, things have gone pretty well, I’ve got 8 of the panels sanded down and have just the 4 big ones left.  Hopefully tonight I can get some stain on them and we can start to worry about picking hardware out for the handles.

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