Two and a half days till it must be delivered…

The vanity is coming along.  This has been a real collaberation between me and my wife and we have both worked on every piece of this unit.

I went out this morning and took a photo of the vanity as it sits with its first coat of varnish on it.

We used a dark walnut stain, which is a real departure for the look we both normally like, but is starting to look really nice.

Tonight I hope to hit this with some 000 steel wool and then wipe on a final coat of Varnish.  The I want to give a quick waxing.

We did find some new legs for the unit and also found a use for couple of the old legs.

We new we wanted to include a mirror on this vanity (18″x22″ oval mirror with a beveled edge….  $35.00).  But the trick was to find a way to mount in onto the vanity itself.  This is what we finally decided on.:

So close, but still so far away.  Tomorrow is Wednesday, and MAYBE Wednesday night I can mate the mirror to the top of the vanity.

We were going to make a matching stool, but I don’t see how we are going to have the time before Christmas eve….


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