Drawer Fronts and Flat Wood

Last Thursday I cut my drawer fronts all to Length (25 3/8″) and drilled pocket holes in 8 of the pieces in preparation for putting 16 of the pieces togehter in pairs to make 8 panels I could cut to size for the bottom 8 drawers (my stock is wide enough for the top drawers).

Last night (Tuesday) I went in to glue up the panels and found that over the long weekend the pieces I had cut had all cupped, so none of them were flat.  Luckly, I now have a 10″ Jointer / Planer and I spend the evening flattening one face and one edge of all the pieces.  Tonight I hope to run them all through the planer and get them truely flat, then I can finally glue them up.

I only hope jointing and planeing them will not make them so thin the pocket holes I drilled for 3/4″ stock will still work.


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